50 Cent

50 Cent is truly a remarkable artist. His shot to fame was his talents in rap. But there is more than just rap about this stage monster. He is also an entrepreneur, an investor, a record producer, an actor, a charitable person, and part of the Republican support group.

The Singer

50 Cent

50 Cent is born Curtis James Jackson III. He was from Queens, New York City and was previously involved in the crack epidemic. After rising from the dark drug dealing days, 50 Cent started capitalizing on his rap talents. Unfortunately, even before he got a good position in the industry, he met an incident where nine bullets were shot to him and struck him. He was able to rise from that episode as well and was finally discovered by White rapper great Eminem to pursue a flourishing career in the music business.

50 Cent’s claim to fame was via his first record titled “Guess Who’s Back”. It was when this album was released that Eminem and Dr. Dre decided to get a hand on his career and actually make it happen. The rapper greats co-produced singles for 50 Cent, which made him soar high to music greatness as well.

The following year, in 2003, 50 Cent built a record label of his own, G-Unit Records, which produced rap artists like Tony Yayo, Young Buck, and Lloyd Banks.

50 Cent garnered numerous awards for his music talent. His singles populated the Billboard charts. Billboard magazine also gave him several recognitions, including the 6th Best Artist of 2000s, the 4th Top Male Artist, the 3rd Top Rapper, the 6th most successful Hot 100 Artist of the 2000s, the Top Rapper of the 2000s. His albums also got several recognitions from Billboard magazine. “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” is the 12th Best Album of 2000s and “The Massacre” is the 37th Best Album of 2000s.

The Actor, the Entrepreneur, Etc.

Aside from his success in music, 50 Cent also took charge of an acting career, starring in a semi-bio film titled “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”. Among his movie assignments also include “Righteous Kill” and “Home of the Brave”.

50 Cent also made serious contributions in the business as a financier. First, he put together G-Unit Records as an avenue for struggling rap artists like him when he was still starting. He also has G-Unit Clothing Company. He also has G-Unit Films.

50 Cent explored all avenues where he can work, make money, and express his inexhaustible talents. He even starred in a video game titled “0 Cent: Bulletproof” where he rendered a voice-over and which was released for PlayStation Portable, PS2, and Xbox. He also got himself published. He first released his autobiography, which narrated his life starting in Queens, up to the time he rose to fame via his talent playing with words. He then introduced G-Unit Books, which released novels and other reading materials, some of which even the famed rapper co-wrote.

It is quite obvious the 50 Cent is not stopping anytime soon. In fact, lots of works are still in the can, about to be released fresh when the right time comes. But that is not the most admirable thing about this multi-awarded rapper artist. 50 Cent is into lots of charity work and that is so amazing. He imparts some of his earnings to good causes.

A Charitable Man, Indeed

50 Cent has a commitment to help erase hunger in all of Africa by 2016. For this project, he is keen on providing food for millions of people in the suppressed areas of the continent. How he will do that? Well, by using his charisma and his business sense. Along with Pure Growth Partners, 50 Cent launched an energy drink in the market. A part of the sales goes straight to the feeding programs that the organization and 50 Cent supervise. He also puts up an audio company selling headphones with the same pledge.

50 Cent may have been a part of too many squabbles in the industry and out but a lot of people loved him for his commitment to help. It is also not surprising that he is the 2nd wealthiest rapper in the industry. With too many projects on hand, he never stop doing what he does best to be able to beef up his wealth so he can give more for charity. The famous rapper is always part of every conscious effort to lend out a helping hand.

50 Cent indulges on fund raising shows and other activities that intent on providing assistance to those in need. He did not have a very nice childhood back then in Queens. That’s why he is so committed in making a difference in children’s lives. He knows that having socially responsible businesses can help him address serious issues through innovative approaches. That’s exactly what he does to help others.

50 Cent also continuously tries to affect real change by supporting politicians he knows can facilitate them. He is an avid Republican.

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