Barret Swatek

Barret Swatek is both an American comedian and actress born in Birmingham, Alabama on March 3, 1977. She is more than just pretty southern belle has made it on several TV shows and movies. She has proven to be not only a great actress but a fine comedian as well. If you don’t catch her on TV series or in the movies you get to have a glimpse of her stunning hotness late at night on the Red Eye show on Fox News.

Mini Bio

Barret Swatek led a bit of a quiet life when she was young. She was born and raised in Alabama by her parents Bill and Lana Swatek. Her first dip into the limelight wasn’t on TV or the movies but in competitive figure skating, which she did as early as age five. Continuing on that rather quiet note is the fact that she went on with her life acting and singing in a local theater by age 12 and onwards.

This American actress has a natural affinity for the performing arts, which shone brightly both on the ice and on stage. This budding interest and spark of natural talent was honed as she studied film in college. She first spent her college days in The University of Arizona but then she finished her Film degree at Loyola Marymount University.


If you grew up in the era where costumed heroes did crazy martial arts moves while riding on high tech mean machines fighting out-of-this-world creatures then you might have recognized Barret Swatek when she appeared on Power Rangers Turbo in 1997. However, she only took on a minor role in this TV series. This American actress then moved on to other small and minor roles in other TV series like Just Shoot Me!

Her first major appearance came in 2001 when she landed a major role in 7th Heaven playing Cheryl, Robbie Palmer’s ex. She stayed in this popular TV series until 2003. This is the role she is best known for. This American actress also made a regular role in the 2008 series Quarterlife. She also landed in the series entitled 10 Things I Hate About You and Three Sisters. She made appearances in the movies The Forty Year Old Virgin and Lethal Weapon 4.

Politics and Charity

Barret Swatek’s political views don’t really come out in their entirety in her filmography. However, one interview with her will be more than enough to convince anyone that she is solidly a Republican. She is even proud to announce that her entire family is Republican. When it comes to charity work, she has given her support to the men and women in uniform who come home injured. She is known to be a fan and supporter of Achilles International and has visited and worked with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

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