Bob Gale

Bob Gale looks back to his younger days without regret. Now, he had proven to his father who is a successful attorney that he had not wasted the countless hours he spent in his youth reading comic books because he had grown to become a talented and famous writer. His works include editions of the Marvel Comics’ “Daredevil” and DG Comics’ “Batman,” “Ant-Man’s Big Christmas” and “Amazing Spiderman” as well as the novelization for his movie, “1941.” He is also the genius behind the big hit trilogy, “Back to the Future” and other famous films such as “Bordello of Blood,” “Mr. Payback,” which is an interactive movie and episodes of “Tales from the Crypt.” Bob also developed the arcade game “Tattoo Assassins.”

Michael Robert Gale was born on May 25, 1951 in University City, Missouri. His interest and talent for writing manifested itself as early as his teen years when he created his own comic books. As early as then, young Bob Gale wrote “ The Green Vomit” using a low-volume printing machine used mainly in schools and churches called a “spirit duplicator” and co-founded a popular comic book club in St. Louis. Together with his brother, Charles Gale, Bob created an amateur 3-film series using the character “Commando Cus,” a parody of Republic Pictures’ “Commando Cody.”

Bob Gale went to the University of Southern California School of Cinema – Television where he earned his degree in Cinema in 1973. During his undergraduate years, Bob honed his skill by writing fanzine reviews for classmate Mike Glyer’s fanzine. It was also there that he struck a friendship with another classmate by the name of Robert Zemeckis, who like Bob, would go on to become one of Hollywood’s renowned directors and screen writers. The two friends would later collaborate and pool their talents in many projects.

One peculiar aspect of their collaboration is that instead of writing separately and later combining their work, they sit in the same room and discuss things aloud while one of them writes down what has been discussed. Since Bob Gale and Zemeckis always worked and wrote things together in and out of film school, they became known as “The Bobs” to Steven Spielberg, John Milius and other Hollywood producers. Some of the notable projects that Bob and Zemeckis worked on together are: “The Night Stalker,” “A Field of Honor,” “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” “Used Cars,” “Back to the Future, Parts I, II and III,” “Trespass,” “Amazing Stories: Book II” and “Bordello of Blood.”

Aside from his numerous projects that saw print or has made it in film, Bob Gale who is a registered Republican and a fervent anti-communist, also served as an expert witness in more than a dozen plagiarism cases, which required him to wear a suit and tie — which he dreaded more than taking out the household trash.

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