Brad Stine

If you’re the type of person who’s had enough of R-rated or even X-rated comedy, and sometimes you may also include folks who have lost taste for G- and PG-rated ones too, then you might want to check out what Brad Stine has to offer. He described his brand of comedy on one occasion as fitting for anyone from eight years old to 80, though of course, that age range can be argued as well.

Short Biography of Brad Stine

Brad was raised by his parents in Bremen, Indiana. He was born in 1960 and has been busting out laughs since the 1980s. His father, Jerry was an auto-body repairman while his mother, Nancy, was a housewife. He is the second oldest child in the family. Brad spent his early life growing up with his three siblings.

Brad’s parents divorced by the time he reached the age of eight. However, they remarried and then moved the family to California. Not long after, Brad’s parents divorced yet again. His father remarried after traveling with Brad’s uncle to Midwestern carnivals. His father returned to his work as an auto-body repairman after remarrying.

As if mimicking his father’s knack for the performing arts, Brad Stine performed magic tricks for bars in Southern California by age 13. He performed both in restaurants and in bars in the said area. About this time he also learned sideshow stunts along with his magic performances. During this early age Brad began to work on his comedy skills.

He toured across the country in the 1980s and performed with fellow comedians after being hired by a manager. His first TV stint was on the Comedy Club Network. From here Brad Stine dumped the magic and focused on being a comedian with his own style. He even took acting lessons and tried his luck in TV shows and movies. His unique comic style, being a conservative evangelical Christian comedian, came by way of a fellow comic.

Comic Style

Of course, mainstream comedy central won’t be that impressed with a rather conservative comic act such as what Brad Stine delivers to his audience. However, it is noted that he along with others in the same league have been making some headway. This basically translates to the fact that there is quite a substantial market for this type of comedy.

This is something that folks may have been missing in a long while. His act is characterized as being “clean”. His act is observed as something that doesn’t denigrate the faith and is expressively against those who are bigoted against Christians and caricature them as being backwards. If you’re looking for respectful comedy that doesn’t burn your ears then Stine’s material is something you deserve very well.

Political Views and Charity Work

Brad Stine is rather conservative about his political views and some people have even categorized him as being apolitical. He is known to support children’s charities such as World Vision. He often corroborates his charity work with other fellow comedians in the same genre.

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