Caroline Picard

If there is one word that best describes Caroline Picard, it would be fiery. She burns with passion for her craft, her audiences, and her What You See is What You Get attitude.

She doesn’t care about appearances in the sense that there is no rich or poor, no social preferences and no differences in race, color or culture when it comes to dealing with people.

We are all human beings and that common denominator is the only thing that matters.

Career Background

The fifty-something stand-up comedienne has been gracing the comedy scene for twelve years now, and still counting. A regular at popular comedy bars across the United States, Picard’s brand of humor is raw; which some find offensive, shocking or at the very least unnerving.

Having been in the rat race since she was eighteen years old, she has worked for different companies, holding different positions and even put up her own restaurant. The restaurant unfortunately wiped-out her bank account.

She would often inject her own experiences from her different jobs into her sketches, giving her sarcastic and yet humorous opinions about these in her parodies.

Her audiences would range anywhere from the twenty-something up to seventy. It gives her pleasure to know that both the young ones and the young once in her audience can relate to whatever tirade she’s spilling out at the moment.

Talking about everything under the sun, from fashion to growing old; Caroline Picard knows how to tickle her audience’s fancy.

Known as The Cajun Queen in the comedy circle, she always has her signature Coors Light in hand and red boots on once she hits the stage. The Louisiana-raised comedienne was awarded the Comic of the Year in 2002 by Hysterical Management; and Recording Artist of the Year also in 2002 by Laughing Hyena.

Military Contribution

In her own small way, Caroline Picard has greatly contributed to the US Military not by standing in the front lines but by boosting the morale of the people who have been serving the military through her military tours.

She has been providing laughter to the great men and women of the US military by visiting them in their lines of duty and sharing her brand of comedy to these brave soldiers.

Her last visit to the troops overseas was in Iraq some time in May this year and one soldier whose life she touched presented her with his special military coin as a token of appreciation.

She has so far completed twelve military tours, visiting troops abroad including Germany, Italy, Japan and the Persian Gulf.

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