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Edward Hermann

Edward Hermann is a veteran actor who chooses, as much as practicable, roles or movie themes that correspond to his own Libertarian advocacies of a government that promotes justice and equality not only in its internal affairs, but in its international relations as well.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is one of the most popular actors today and is best known for his hit comedy films. Sandler is also a screenwriter and produces some of his films. Adam Sandler also supports various charity groups like Feeding America and the Animal Rescue Foundation.

India Allen

India Allen proves that looks can be deceiving. Behind the façade of her sexy and seductive image and her reputation of being a producer of erotic films, lies a conservative, God-fearing individual who believes that traditional family values still work in this modern day and age.

R Lee Ermey

R Lee Ermey is an excellent performer and character actor whose military experience, training and discipline lends color and vivid realism to many of the roles he play.