Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley was regarded as one of the most outspoken and controversial players in the history of the NBA. His dominating career that lasted for 16 years has impacted the action on the basketball court and outside of it. Though regarded as having a bit of a smaller stature as a power forward, his scoring, physical play, assists, and rebounding have been made quite a trademark.

NBA Legacy

Charles Barkley has been dubbed as ‘Sir Charles’ due to his outspoken demeanor and seemingly standard aggressive play. In 1991 he was awarded as the All-Star MVP and was also the MVP during the 50th anniversary of the NBA. He is also acclaimed as one of the 50 Greatest Players of the National Basketball Association.

The capstone of his career came when he competed in both the Olympic Games in 1992 and in 1996 where he was part of the United States Dream Team. His career did not escape controversies and his outspokenness placed him in a slightly darker shade. Nevertheless, when he retired in 2000 he is one of the elite few who had a record of at least 10,000 rebounds, 20,000 points, and 4,000 assists.

Charity Work and Politics

Other than his role on the basketball court, Charles Barkley supports a number of charities. The causes that these charities support include veteran member support and service, disaster relief, cancer support, and human rights among others. For instance, Barkley supports Not on Our Watch a human rights organization with a mission that is focused on ending mass atrocities all around the globe.

Barkley also supports the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It is an organization dedicated to empowering cancer patients through research programs, public health, advocacy, and education. He also supports the United Service Organization, a non-profit outfit that provides welfare, morale, and recreation services to our men and women in uniform.

Other causes and organizations that he supports includes Ante Up for Africa, a poker tournament that raises public awareness funds for the Darfur crisis, and the ENOUGH Project, which is an action center aimed at ending crimes against humanity and genocide. He is considering the possibility of running for public office as Alabama’s Governor.

Lifetime Achievement

Charles Barkley’s achievements have been well recognized by many organizations not only in the NBA. The Auburn University retired his jersey in recognition of his NBA and collegiate accomplishments in 2001. The Phoenix Suns gave him the same honors in 2004 and added him to the Suns Ring of Fire in recognition of his achievements. He was later inducted in 2006 to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

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