Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels is a country and southern rock musician who has been in the business of entertaining crowds and making music for half a century. His biggest hit to date is The Devil Went Down to Georgia but that is only the tip of the iceberg when talking about Daniels’ achievements. He was born on October 28, 1936 in North Carolina.

Musical Genre

To say that Daniels’ music belongs to the country genre is basically twiddling in over simplistic categorizations. You can say he mastered country music but you can also say that regarding his rock and roll side. This guitarist /fiddler/singer is known to produce music that is uniquely his own. You can easily distinguish the different hints of bluegrass, rock and roll, and southern country rock in his compositions. He is one of the pioneers of his time and still does it to this day.

Charlie Daniels started out his musical career as a session musician and eventually began writing and performing his own music since the 1950s. One can say that one of his significant early achievements was writing songs and playing for musical greats such as Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan. Eventually, he recorded his very first solo album in 1971, which was self titled. Before that he produced an album in 1969 entitled Elephant Mountain by The Youngbloods, a folk rock band with Jesse Colin Young on lead vocals.

One of his successful early recordings was the album entitled Honey in the Rock, which was recorded in 1973. One song from that album, Uneasy Rider, reached number nine in the Billboard charts. He then organized and led a series of volunteer concerts in Nashville. These jam concerts were so successful that they have continued to this day.

Awards and Achievements

Charlie Daniels was able to grab the Grammy Award in 1979 for Best Country Vocal Performance. The song The Devil Went Down to Georgia went as high as number three in the charts. He even had a special appearance in the movie Urban Cowboy that included his song ‘Devil’ as part of the movie soundtrack. From that time on, his awards have outlined the walls of his private den.

Charity Work and Supported Causes

Charlie Daniels isn’t only big on stage and in the country music scene. A great deal of his time is devoted to charity causes that he supports. For example he supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and every year he organizes concerts for children’s benefits. He has also traveled to Iraq on several occasions to give support to American troops stationed there.

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