Chris Warren

Chris Warren is a stand-up comedian who puts a lot of sense into being politically incorrect about relevant issues campaigned for by cause-oriented people. But he does it with agreeable humor that manages to attack salient points of an issue sneeringly and yet get away with it all, sometimes even applauded by cause-oriented people themselves. He does his funny rhetoric all over Canada and has been at it for more than 15 years now.

Favorite Targets

Chris Warren’s favorite topics are extremist views on environmental protection, animal rights, and religious righteousness, particularly those stubbornly espousing rigid political correctness. This Canadian humorous critic lambasts such causes, along with their advocates, in a point-by-point, energetic, and rapid-fire talk which the audience analyze with gusto. All along they get some new insights here and there on the issues (you see their faces brighten up), while simultaneously waiting for the punch line to go off.

This stand-up comedian sometimes helps people re-consider their stiff stance on issues and neutralizes a hard-core perspective, softening it somewhat to see issues from another standpoint. And all these with a killer sense of humor and an appealing smile.

However, Chris Warren is not another die-hard campaigner fighting for rights or persuading people to join his cause. He just wants to make fun by entertaining people with his rhetorical skills sharing politically incorrect views. This Canadian humorous critic is a different kind of comic entertainer.

Here are some funny ideas Chris Warren easily sells audiences:

Cruelty to Plants – There are countless groups espousing purely vegetarian diets because they abhor cruelty to animals. But stand-up comedian Chris Warren challenged them in a show about man’s seldom noted worse cruelty to plants. He said, just imagine what we do with vegetables: we shred papayas, we mash potatoes, we stamp on grapes, and we utterly peel the skin off bananas. Now that’s cruelty, he added.

Environment Protection – Environmental protesters are angry about the denuding of forests by cutting trees for papers. The Canadian humorous critic noted that these environmental activists write their slogans on cardboards and nail them on wooden sticks—which all came from cut trees they complain about.

Anti Pollution Activism – Chris Warren complained once that anti pollution activists urged us to ride bikes in lieu of riding automobiles. If we buy that idea, we become consumers of aluminum and rubber tire manufacturers who pollute the air as they manufacture these products, said Warren. The bikes are shipped to our country and delivered to us, and that takes a lot of burning fuel and gas that harm the ozone layer, this Canadian humorous critic reminded.

Chris Warren’s aim is simply to make people laugh by citing relevant issues that politically correct advocates use to tell people how they should live their lives.

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