Clint Black

Early Life

Clint Black is a country singer/songwriter and occasional actor in the United States of America. He was born on February 4, 1962 in New Jersey. He was of the four children of Ann and G.A. Black. Clint was raised in Texas due to their family moving back to where their father was raised. Throughout those formative years, Clint was surrounded by music.

Like a small stroke of musical genius, he taught himself to play music before he turned 13 and then wrote his first song when he turned 14. It was at this time that Clint’s parents began to notice his great voice. He eventually learned how to play the guitar by the time he reached the age of 15.

The Black family usually hosts barbecues on Saturday afternoons and the Black brothers, including Clint, played music forming a small band. There were times when the crowd in these small gathering would swell to around 70 people. It is interesting that like many others, Clint decided to drop out of high school and focus on his music. He initially continued to play with his brothers until the time he began playing as a solo act.

During these early years, Clint supported himself and provided for his own needs working as a construction worker. He also worked as a fishing guide and a bait cutter as additional jobs. He did all this while singing as a solo singer-guitarist for different music lounges. It was at this time that he met Hayden Nicholas and they became inseparably connected via music. Their musical partnership was destined to last for decades.

Success in the Music Industry

In 1989 Clint Black signed up with RCA Records with his first album, Killin’ Time, getting released in that same year. The album became quite successful even reaching number one on the country music charts. By the year 1990 this album had already turned platinum. Five songs in this album eventually debuted and reached number one in the charts. He eventually became a Grammy Award winning country singer/songwriter.

From this time on Clint Black recorded one album after another and corroborated efforts with other co-writers. His albums reached high in the charts some even going platinum. After 14 years with RCA he eventually decided to form his own record label. He continued to produce music and recorded new material. It is rather unfortunate that his label, Equity Music Group closed in December of 2008 due to financial difficulties.

Clint Black’s Charity Events and Causes

Other than being an awarded country singer/songwriter Clint supports health care and children’s causes. He supports St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital. The former is a health care charity for children who are seriously ill while the latter provides health care services for children in Vanderbilt.

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