Dave Barry

Dave Barry is a Pulitzer Prize-winning humor columnist who authored 30 books and articles published in more than 500 dailies in the US and overseas. He got the Pulitzer Prize in 1988. Two Barry books were later made into TV sitcoms by CBS where actor Harry Anderson played Dave Barry. Aside from his writing or journalism career, he also plays lead guitar in a rock band known as Rock Bottom Reminders. With this kind of success, one wonders how a Dave Barry all started.

How Dave Barry Started

He was born in Armonk in New York to Presbyterian parents, and his father was a church minister. Humor started out early in Barry’s life, being voted the “Class Clown” in Pleasanville High School in 1965. Later he was a member of a college band, “The Federal Duck.” The prize-winning humor columnist married Beth Pyle in 1975 and had a son, Robert, in 1980. He had several more marriages and children.

Journalism Career

Dave Barry and his wife Beth started their journalism career together. They worked as journalists for the Daily Local News in West Chester, PA. Barry once wrote that it was a newspaper where the news was local, and which published daily—thus, a very apt name, indeed, for a newspaper. And this was after his stint with Haveford.

As general assignment reporter for Daily Local News, he covered local government and civic projects and activities. Later, he would write that nobody was really interested about government and civic projects because people just read the comics, entertainment, crossword puzzle, and horoscope sections of the newspapers. About two years after, he was made City Editor.

This prize-winning humor columnist started writing funny stuff in his own weekly humor column and began developing his own writing style which would later earn him the Pulitzer. After 1974 he found himself being Associated Press copy editor, and much later, a member of the Burger Associates, where he taught business people how to write effectively. Later he said it was tough trying to convince business folks not to write something like, “Enclosed are enclosed enclosures,” or something to that effect.

TV Career

CBS aired the TV sitcom, Dave’s World for four seasons, running from 1993 to 1997. The TV shows were based on the books “Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits” and “Dave Barry Turns 40.” However, for some reason, the sitcom which was showed on Mondays was later aired under the “Friday night slot” which was said to be a “death slot.”

The Prize-Winning Humor Columnist Today

Today, Barry lives with his wife, Michele, in Miami, Florida. Michele is a sports writer. Their marriage produced a son and a daughter, Rob and Sophie, respectively. The funny thing is, neither thinks Barry is funny.

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