Denis Leary

Early Life

Denis Leary is an Irish-American born on August 18, 1957. Among other things, he is a potpourri of different talents being an actor, writer, director, and comedian. His parents were Irish Catholic and both were immigrants into the US from County Kerry in Ireland. Leary actually holds citizenship in both countries.

Leary is a third cousin of popular talk show host Conan O’Brien through marriage. He even commented in O’Brien’s late night show that all Irishmen are really related. Leary was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, and graduated from Saint Peter-Marian High School. He graduated from Emerson College like fellow comedian Steven Wright.

During his college days he founded the Emerson Comedy Workshop, which was co-founded by Jodi Haffner. He began his career teaching comedy writing after graduating with the class of 1979. He maintained this teaching job for the next five years of his life. He was also honored by his alma mater with an honorary doctorate in 2005. He then authored a book in 2009 entitled Why We Suck with his name affixed with the designation as ‘Dr.’

Comedy Career

Denis Leary didn’t remain as a teacher for long since he began his comic work in the 1980s in the Boston comedy scene. His fame rose in the early 90s following MTV sketches playing off the music from the steadily growing alternative music scene. He then released a couple of records, one in 1993 and 1997.

Leary appeared in more than 40 movies in his acting career. He also took lead roles in a couple of television series, Rescue Me and The Job. He also provided voices for animated characters in films like the Ice Age trilogy wherein he was the voice behind Diego the saber-tooth. He was also the voice behind Francis the ladybug in A Bug’s Life. This is only a small part of his Leary’s career and achievements.

Awards and Achievements

From 2005 to 2009 Denis Leary was nominated several times for the Golden Globe, Emmy, Satellite, and Prism awards. He was also nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Drama at the 2005 Television Critics Association Awards. He won the Satellite Awards for Best Ensemble – Television in 2005 for Rescue Me.

The list of the awards he won includes pretty wide string of honors and achievements from different award giving bodies. He won the Recommendation Award in 1992 at the BBC Festival. In that same year he also won the Critics Award at the Edinburgh International Arts Festival. He also won Favorite Supporting Actor – Drama/Romance in the 1996 CableACE Awards.

Charity Work and Causes

Denis Leary founded Leary Firefighters Foundation in the year 2000. He lost both a childhood friend and a cousin in a 1999 warehouse fire. The causes he supports are involved in emergency services and cancer awareness. He also supports the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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