Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller is an actor, comedian and radio/TV commentator who is known for his biting commentaries on political issues and current events with vague references to obscure historical facts and literature. His on air rantings and ravings about almost anything that happens to get under his skin at the moment, and which he has collected into four books appropriately titled: “The Rant,” “Ranting Again,” “I Rant, Therefore I Am,” and “The Rant Zone” have earned him a reputation of being a cerebral stand up comic and commentator but was twitted at the same for being a highbrowed snob.

Born on November 3, 1953 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylnavia where he grew up, Dennis Miller attended Keystone Oaks High School. Upon graduation, he took up a journalism course at Point Park University because he thought that it would just be a “walk in the park.” In what could be a prelude to his career later in life, Dennis competed in Playboy magazine’s 1979 first annual humor competition and won the runner-up prize of 500 dollars.

In the early 80s, Dennis Miller hosted a weekly teen newsmagazine over KDKA-TV in Pittsburg called “The Trolley Show” and wrote humurous essays for “The Evening Magazine,” a syndicated TV program. Then, came his stand up performances in New York and Los Angeles comedy clubs. In 1985, his big break came when he landed a spot as Weekend Update anchor on “Saturday Night Live.” His primped hair, high-pitched giggle and smirky delivery of his lines had become a distinctive trademark that would be spoofed by Tom Hanks, Dana Carvey and Jimmy Fallon right on his show, which lasted until 1991.

During the following period that spanned eight years from 1994 to 2002, he hosted a half-hour HBO talk show called “Dennis Miller Live.” Designed to focus audience attention on the host, the show spotlighted on Dennis interviewing the lone guest for that particular show against a darkened background with no bands and stage props. Over its run of 215 episodes, which popularized his political rants and raves, the show earned Dennis 5 Emmy awards.

While Dennis Miller is a registered Republican, he has declared his conservative libertarian leanings in an interview with Playboy magazine in 1996. But following the September 11 terrorist attacks, he became one of the Hollywood celebrities that came out in the forefront to support President George W. Bush’s war on Iraq earning him a ride aboard Air Force One and calls from the Republican Party for his enlistment to run for a senate seat in California. Despite his open support for the GOP and the presidential campaign of John Mc Cain, he has not abandoned his liberal stance on gay marriage and pro-choice as well as his conservative opinions on foreign policy and taxation.

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