Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is one of the hosts of The View, a daytime talk show in the United States. She is well known for her outspoken political views. However, Hasselbeck is also supportive of many charitable works.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Charity Works

Hasselbeck has shown her support for many charitable foundations. She has been encouraging women to be examined for cervical health problems. She has associations with the World Scholar Athlete Games, the Wireless Amber Alert Program Initiative and Habitat for Humanity.

She also supports the Making Memories Foundation and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Hasselbeck is also very vocal in supporting research and treatment of breast cancer. She is also into people empowerment. One of her pet projects is community grant provisions for women’s health issues.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Political Views

She is often labeled as a conservative, but she does not believe that is applicable to her and that she is neither liberal nor conservative. She is a Republican. She is against gay marriage and couples who are living together and not married. She was present at many 2008 Republican rallies supporting then vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

In one of the episodes of The View, Hasselbeck expressed her displeasure with the plan of the FDA to sell “morning after pills” OTC. She believes that life commences at the moment of conception. The View hosts also holds that morning after pills should not be provided even in cases of incest and rape. She places high value on life. She also supported the war in Iraq. Hasselbeck has also expressed opposition to abortion.

Start of Career

Hasselbeck first gained attention when she participated in the TV reality show Survivor: The Australian Outback. She was cast out on the 39th day and ended up fourth overall. Although she didn’t win, her personality caused people to take notice. Her next stint was as Miss Teen USA Pageant 2001 judge. The following year she began hosting The Look for Less show at the Style Network.

She hosted the program until 2003; where she assisted people find stylish outfits without breaking their budget. When her stint at the show ended in 2003, Hasselbeck participated in The View auditions. When Lisa Ling departed from The View, she made a series of guest appearances on the show.

Her outspoken nature has produced several lively debates on The View. One of them is the aforementioned issue with the FDA concerning the morning after pills. On May 23, 2007 Hasselbeck got into an intense debate with Rosie O’Donnell who was then her co-host over the war in Iraq. O’Donnell opposed the war and Hasselbeck supported it.

On another occasion, Whoopi Goldberg and Hasselbeck were talking about then Senator Hillary Clinton’s plan to offer $5,000 savings bonds for very child birth. Hasselbeck said it would reduce the number of abortions because women will want to hold on to the cash.

Other Activities

Aside from hosting, Hasselbeck is also a bestselling author. Her latest is a cookbook called Deliciously G Free. She had previously written The G-Free Diet in 2008. Both are about foods that are free of gluten. Hasselbeck wrote this because she is afflicted with celiac disease.

Her book The G-Free Diet was the subject of a lawsuit in 2009. A Susan Hasset claimed that Hasselbeck plagiarized her work. The judge threw out the case saying Hasselbeck’s work was original.

Biographical Information

She was born Elisabeth DelPadre Filarski on May 28, 1977. Her place of bath was Cranston in Rhode Island. Her father Kenneth Filarski is an architect and her mother Elizabeth DelPadre is a lawyer and teacher. Hasselbeck’s brother is into music. Elisabeth spent her childhood in Cranston and went to St. Mary School in Cranston. Subsequently she attended Bay View in Riverside, Rhode Island.

She was raised a Roman Catholic and in 1995 graduated from school. She went to Boston College and joined the women’s softball team. She became the captain of the team and led them to Big East championships two seasons in a row.

Hasselbeck has admitted that her father in law, Don Hasselbeck, has played a part in advancing her career. She has also stated she preferred working behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera. But encouraged by her agent, she took part in The View audition.

Hasselbeck graduated with a degree in fine arts in 1999. Her concentration was in industrial design and paintings. While she was at Boston College, she began her work at Puma designing shoes. This was before she embarked on her career as a TV host.

Hasselbeck married Tim Hasselbeck on July 6, 2002. Her husband is a professional football quarterback and has been her boyfriend since college. They have three children. Their son Isaiah Timothy was born in 2009. Another son, Taylor Thomas was born in 2007 and daughter Grace Elisabeth in 2005. They all support the Elisabeth Hasselbeck charity works.

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