India Allen

Tall, shapely, voluptuous and seductively pretty, India Allen exudes so much femininity that no one will suspect that she controls the bedroom in her relationships. More surprising still, is the fact that this alluring and stunningly beautiful actress who was Playboy Magazine’s Playmate for December 1987 and its 1998 Playmate of the Year smokes cigars—not as a promotional gimmick, but out of genuine love for the aroma and flavor of fine tobacco. India, who has been smoking cigars for 8 years, had said that the smell of tobacco evokes treasured memories of her youth, having grown up amidst cigar smokers such as her father, who is of English extraction, and her Irish-Native American mother who smokes a pipe—just like she once did when she was 20!

India Allen was born on 1 June 1965 in Portsmouth, Virginia. She was christened “India” because the name was popular then in England and down South where she grew up. She enrolled at the University of Texas, but being an animal lover, she transferred shortly to Louisiana State University intending to take up a course in veterinary medicine. As Fate would have it, while India was doing some part time work for a rental company, a modeling agent who spotted her offered a modeling job in Europe. So, at the age of 19, she left school and modeled for three years specializing in swim wear. By the time she was 22, she got tired of traveling and felt that her modeling career was getting nowhere. Her big break into the big time happened fortuitously when Playmate of the Year Monique St. Pierre discovered India performing the role of a Playboy Bunny in “Saturday Night Live,” a spoof of “Beverly Hills Cop II.”

The reign of India Allen as Playmate of the Year opened the gates of opportunity for a career in B movies that subsequently led her to put up her own film company which she named “Car Crash Pictures.” As an independent film producer, India’s goal is to produce small films that make money and dreamed of someday becoming the “Clint Eastwood of independent films.” While she finds nothing wrong with sex and nudity in films, India qualifies that these should be done in good taste and not wanting in honor and dignity for the performers and movie theme.

Behind her sexy image, India Allen admits that she is a conservative individual who lives conservatively, believes strongly in God and is a hard core Republican who believes in traditional family values and does her best in all her endeavors for the sake of her daughter’s future.

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