Jeff Wayne

Early Years of a Hollywood Star

Born on the first of July in 1943, the now popular Hollywood star, Jeffrey Wayne was never a stranger to the musical world. In fact, Jeffrey (or Jeff, as he is known to many) has had an earlier influence that had made a profound effect on the growing child – Jeff’s father, Jerry. Jeff’s dad was known not only as a singer, but also as an actor and a theater producer.

Growing up, the now-Hollywood star Jeffrey Wayne was introduced to the world of music. At the ripe age of five, the soon-to-be-Hollywood-star took up classical piano lessons. Not only that. Jeff also joined local bands in school and played keyboards while coaching tennis in order to have financial support. In college, after finishing journalism and earning a degree, Jeff switched to music. During that time, Jeff played keyboards with the band known as Sandpipers for a short period of time.

A Career in Music

It was in the year 1996 when Jeff’s father made an offer that Jeff couldn’t refuse. The offer opened up the opportunity to make Jeff pursue the love for music further. The opportunity called for a composition that was to be made for a score on the upcoming musical based on the story written by Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities.” It was a West End musical that will be shown at the London’s Palace Theater during that time. It was too big an opportunity to pass and so Jeff agreed.

Luck was with Jeff then because the musical turned out to be a huge success. It garnered the Evening Standard award for Best Male Performance in a Musical for Edward Woodward.

The Music Continues

After that great stint, Jeff returned to the UK, and that was where and when Jeff’s career in music started taking a more serious and professional turn.

First off, Jeff was able to land the job of a record producer. That was when Jeff collaborated with David Essex to produce David’s album, “Rock On.” Later, David Essex was recruited by Jeff to be a voice actor in the movie, “The War of the Worlds.” David played the role of The Artilleryman in the film. The film was another success.

Other Works

After working on the film, “The War of the Worlds,” Jeff chose to keep a low profile for a while. But this hardworking fellow continued to compose and produce music. One of these projects was the music for film, “McVicar,” the “Fry’s Turkish Delight” advertisement, the “Good Morning Britain” theme song, and many more. But the first major film release of the Hollywood star, Jeffrey Wayne, was in 1992 for the movie, “Spartacus.”

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