John Larroquette

During his acting career, John Larroquette spent more time in front of studio cameras playing the character of lawyers than portraying other roles put together. He is best known for his roles as Carl Sack in “Boston Legal,” Assistant District Attorney Dan Fielding in the series “Night Court,” and Mike McBride in the Hallmark Channel series “McBride.”

Born as John Bernard Larroquette on 25 November 1947 in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was raised until he was 22 years old, he loved music as a child and played reed instruments. And, just like any other adventurous young man, traveling appealed to him so much that he joined the United States Naval Reserve to see the world. After leaving the Navy, he went back home to New Orleans intent on finishing his high school studies. Since he spoke in the distinctive New Orleans accent, he worked on refining his speech pattern so that he could work in radio. And sure enough, he got a job upon graduation in a local FM station as a disc jockey and soon also started landing jobs doing voiceover work for film and TV.

In 1974, a year after he moved to Los Angeles, John Larroquette narrated the horror film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” uncredited though it was. But years later, he came back with a vengeance when he was asked to do the credited voiceover narration of the film’s remake in 2003 and in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” in 2006. Moving from voiceover work to camera appearances in the mid-70s, he debuted on the small screen as Dr. Paul Herman in “Doctor’s Hospital.” He also played a recurring role as Lt. Robert Anderson in “Baa Baa Black Sheep and appeared the popular TV series “Three’s Company,” “Fantasy Island,” and “Dallas.”

Finally catching the attention of NBC producers, John Larroquette was cast in “Night Court” as the leery assistant district attorney Dan Fielding who spends more effort trying to find the perfect date than in winning cases. This role turned out to be his most popular and memorable as he earned a record of four Emmy Awards straight in a row for the years 1985 to 1988, prompting him to ask not be be considered anymore for an Emmy in 1989. After many years of outstanding performance in film and TV, he exhibited his talent in theater and starred in “The Crucible,” “Enter Laughing” and “Happy Jack,” which was a critical success and received several Dramalogue nominations.

He won his fifth Emmy Award for his portrayal of a homosexual psychopath who murdered his lovers on the 1998 episode of “The Practice.” In 2005, he starred as the crusading lawyer Mike McBride in Hallmark Channel’s crime-solving series “McBride.” Because of his impressive performance in “The Practice,” John Larroquette was cast in it’s 2007 spinoff, “Boston Legal” where he played Carl Sack, a serious ethical lawyer who is the exact opposite of his Dan Fielding role in “Night Court.” More recently, he guested stared as a White House staff lawyer in NBC’s 10-hour mini series “West Wing.”

A registered member of the Libertarian Party, John Larroquette stated when he guested on “Tom Snyder’s Show” that he nearly left the party when it nominated Howard Stern to run for governor of New York.

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