Julia Gorin

Julia Gorin is one stand-up comic who never balks at the opportunity of speaking her mind where her political beliefs are concerned. Her conservative sketches have landed her spots in TV and radio shows and were likewise featured in a number of magazines.

She is one of the most popular stand-up comics in the field of conservative humor. Hailing from the Soviet Union, she came with her family to America when she was just a child of about three or four years of age and has lived in the country since.

She has written for several publications, online news sites and blogs including The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and FrontPage Magazine. She likewise keeps her own blog where she writes about her views on American politics, among other things.

Brief Biography

Julia Gorin was raised in Baltimore and now lives in Manhattan with her husband and a pet dog.

Her Jewish upbringing has strongly influenced her view of the Islam and Christian religions which has earned the ire of some people but this has never deterred her from fighting for what she believes in, tooth and nail.

In fact, she wouldn’t think twice about questioning some of the world’s most influential political leaders as well as a number of news channels and anchors if she believes that the issues at hand need a bit more enlightenment from her side of the fence.

Her conservative humor however has made her a favorite among many Americans, especially those who share the same political views with her.

Julia Gorin on Politics

Much has been said about Julia Gorin and her conservative stand on a few political issues. Some of these were applauded while others were shunned and even considered as downright absurd.

She has earned the ire of not a few well-known political leaders including the United Nation’s Secretary General and former US President Bill Clinton. Incidentally, she has written a book called Clintonisms – her humorous and sarcastic take on the ex-First Couple of the United States.

Nevertheless, this opinionated woman who is very passionate about her beliefs is a favorite guest in radio and television shows precisely because of her stand on political issues not least of which are the concerns surrounding Kosovo. She is part of the Advisory Board of the American Council for Kosovo.

She was likewise invited to do a show for the representative of the Republican Convention back in ’04. To those who understand where she’s coming from, she has earned their trust and loyalty.

If one were to describe Julia Gorin, it would be this: She is one woman who would rather earn the ire of a few people for standing-up for what she believes in rather than winning the majority over and going against her principles.

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