Kim Alexis

Known for her captivating beauty, Kim Alexis is one of the world’s first supermodels in the 1980s. Like the mythical Helen of Troy who had “a face that could launch a thousand ships,” the lovely Kim graced the cover pages of over 500 magazines and became the “face” of Revlon replacing the gorgeous Lauren Hutton herself. But what made Kim Alexis infinitely more interesting as a person and a celebrity is that she had the brains and the eloquence to go along with her great physical beauty. From the catwalk and photo studios, she quickly launched into the small screen as an actress, host, spokesperson and commentator.

Her well-toned and sculpted body that made six appearances in the most-coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues is no mystery to those who knew Kim Alexis up close and personal. Unknown to many, she is a marathon runner and grew up an athlete having been actively involved in high school athletics in upstate New York, where she was born on 15 July 1960. At the age of 18, she was discovered by Elite Talent Agency that subsequently launched her to fame on the modeling ramps of New York City and in the most prestigious magazines of the fashion world.

Her charismatic good looks and insightful ideas helped open for her a window of opportunity into the world of broadcast journalism. She became the fashion correspondent for Good Morning America and has appeared as a guest star in a number of films and TV series as well as hosted several TV shows. Kim Alexis is also a talented writer who had written fiction and non-fiction books about the modeling industry. She is happily married to former New York Rangers star player, Ron Duguay who shares her interest in fitness and sports. Predictably, she became a health advocate and fitness spokesperson and has developed fitness aids for women while encouraging them to be their best in all areas of endeavor.

A pro-life activist and a born again Christian, Kim Alexis is blessed with God-given wisdom and insight and loves to share to the world her views on life, marriage, self-respect and sex. One of the values she hopes other young women will live by is self-respect, saying that women must first feel good and respect themselves and their bodies so that other people will treat them with the same respect. Without this value, Kim Alexis states that most women are unable to say “No” to pre-marital sex which causes them to often times suffer the painful consequences. For Kim Alexis, her role as a wife and mother are way more important than her successful career and considers her family first before accepting any job offers.

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