Kim Serafin

Intelligent, lovely and personable, Kim Serafin who grew up in Long Island, New York has a well-rounded career that spanned the fields of entertainment, journalism and politics. Having been mentored by some of the most respected teachers in the performing arts in the likes of Betty Buckley and composer Craig Carnelia, she is a familiar face in national TV commercials and appeared in Equity and summer stock theaters. She has also done volunteer work for I Mentor in New York and LA Works in Los Angeles. An accomplished writer, she has written commentaries and opinion pieces for reputable publications such as the New York Post and Cosmopolitan Magazine. Kim has also authored a children’s book on the California Missions and a book targeted at teens, entitled “Everything You Need to Know About being a Vegetarian” which draw from her own personal knowledge and experiences as a vegetarian.

Kim Serafin earned her bachelor’s degree in politics and journalism from New York University where she studied as an Honors Scholar even while she was still working as a Deputy Press Secretary to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani whom she served as a campaign volunteer in 1993. Kim sat on top of press operations at several city government agencies and produced the City Mayor’s weekly radio show on WABC Radio. Kim also handled media logistics for major city events like the redevelopment of Times Square, the Blizzard of 1996, the crisis control efforts during the Empire State Building shooting incident and the visit to New York City of Pope John Paul II.

After serving the New York City Mayor’s Office for four years, Kim Serafin moved to Los Angeles and worked as Deputy Press Secretary to LA City Mayor Richard Riordan. In 1999, she came back to New York as Press Secretary for NYC 2000 where she served as spokesperson and helped in the preparations for the millennium events. When Mayor Giuliani ran for the US Senate against Hillary Clinton, Kim served as his spokesperson and Deputy Director for Communications. In 2000, Kim Serafin served as consultant in Congressman Rick Lazio’s campaign for the US Senate, and more recently, she was also the campaign spokesperson during LA City Mayor Richard Riordan’s run for the governor’s seat of California. In the wake of the 9/11 tragedy, she helped in the fund raising campaign for the benefit of the families of fire fighters, rescue workers and police officers who perished during the Twin Towers bombing. She also served as consultant to the NYC convention and visitors bureau to assess and address the impact of the 9/11 tragedy on city tourism and economy.

Kim Serafin presently hosts a weekly show on KABC Radio and is a savvy political consultant and writer who appears regularly on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News Channel and Oxygen TV.

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