Linda Davis

There are so many ways to describe the life that singer and songwriter Linda Davis had lived. It has lots of interesting features that anyone can actually turn into a wonderful and beautiful song that lots of people would probably love to sing.

An Abundant Life that Started with Lots of Dreams

What is most interesting about the life of this singer and songwriter Linda Davis is that Davis had big dreams and had a lot of determination to get those desires. Being merely a teenager from the east Texas region, Davis went to Nashville in 1982 driving an old black diesel Delta ’88 car model. A U-Haul was in tow bringing Davis’ precious and treasured things. In Nashville, Davis had to take a job as a receptionist. The job was at a recording studio.

Love and Dreams Mix Beautifully

Fate usually has a way of placing things just where it should be that Davis met Lang Scott on the first day of work as a receptionist. People may say that it was a case of love at first sight. Scott later became Davis’ husband.

But love wasn’t the only thing that Davis had found at that recording studio. This determined girl had also been given the opportunity to sing songs used in demos for some of the local songwriters of the studio. Not only that. Davis also had the chance to lend that beautiful voice to a number of jingles. These included the songs composed for Mug Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Evenings also had Davis fully-booked where this talented lady sang and played piano at Music City Sheraton in Nashville.

More Wonderful Offers, More Beautiful Interpretation of Songs

Davis was then labeled a “song stylist” since this charming lady has that interesting ability that seemed to come out so naturally. Davis could interpret any song in a sort of magical way. That made this lady so popular not only to label executives who gave that first record deal but also to millions of growing fans.

Not long after, Davis was able to seal a deal with Capitol Records. This was followed by another deal with Arista Records. Soon, this lady was a stunning success moving on to even bigger success in the music industry. Davis was also known to be one of the first few talented artists who signed up for a deal with Dreamworks Records.

Aside from singing, the singer and songwriter Linda Davis also joined the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and is their National VP and Nashville Spokesperson. There are also other endeavors that keep this lady busy which mirrors this celebrity’s view of always giving back to others in inspiring and motivational ways.

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