Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond was born in Ogden, Utah on October 13, 1959. She is an American country/pop singer, doll designer, and actress among many other things. Perhaps the thing that strikes most people is the fact that she belonged to the well-known show biz families in the US, The Osmonds. You can say that she was literally born in the limelight due to her family background. Other than an illustrious career she is also known for her charity work.

Music Career

Marie Osmond’s music career stretches a long way from the 1970s to the present day. During the 70s, Marie was convinced to try wading through the music business. So she finally signed with MGM Records, their family’s record label. She first began with concert appearances. In contrast with the Osmond brothers’ line of music, Marie leaned toward country music, which is something that suited her perfectly.

At the onset of her career, Marie was already breaking records even from her very first single ‘Paper Roses’. That song was a country that almost instantly made it to number one in country music. The song also became a crossover where it reached up to number five in the billboard pop charts. Among the many firsts she made is the fact that she is the first female country artist that debuted with a number one record.

Among the many awards she garnered includes nominations for best new artist and best female country vocals. She also won the Vocal Duo of the Year award with Paul Davis. She was also nominated for top female vocalist by the Academy of Country Music. She was on many tours performing as a solo artist and at times with other musicians and singers of her day.

Acting Career

Marie Osmond also had a knack for acting, which is evidenced by the many roles she played on stage and in front of the camera. The Donny and Marie Show, which aired from 1976 to 1981 was one of her biggest hits on TV. Her Broadway debut came in “The King and I” in 1997. She played the role of Anna Rodgers.

Charity Work

Marie Osmond is also doing great outside of the limelight. She is best known to support causes for creative arts, children’s care, and health. Together with her brother Donny Osmond, she is known to support the MedicAlert Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network, and the Gibson Girl Foundation. She is also one of the many people who helped found the Children’s Miracle Network. Marie Osmond’s contribution to both charity work and her career is truly outstanding.

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