Patrick Johnson

If you would talk about Ben Patrick Johnson, you would probably hear this person being described as multi-talented. And that’s not entirely surprising. In fact, this person really has a lot of talents to be proud of.

Born on June 30, 1969, Ben Patrick Johnson is actually a well-known voice-over actor in certain films such as E.T. where this popular star is actually the signature voice of the most-loved E.T.

First Few Instances of Being a Celebrity

That first media exposure was a hit in 1994. Johnson was given the chance to be a co-host for an entertainment magazine show known as Extra.

After that show, this fellow took up writing for a journal known as HERO Magazine after a year which was followed by joining the board of a popular gay rights organization in the land known as Equality California.

Becoming a Hit

The year 1998 was very favorable for Johnson. Not only did this talented star have a short stint at E! Entertainment Television but Johnson also had the chance to move on to another entertainment magazine, the Entertainment Tonight.

Johnson was able to establish a profession that would make this ambitious fellow be among Hollywood’s five top-earning voice actors.

This star appears in Fox, Starz!, NFL Network, Big Ten Network, CBS, and other shows. Aside from that, Johnson’s voice can also be heard in commercials for popular food brands such as Kellogg’s and Burger King. There are movies that this star promotes with that wonderful voice.

In 2009, Johnson can also be heard promoting promos and show intros in Brazil. This is done in Radio RCN.

A Love for Writing

Acting and becoming a famous voice-over is not the only talent that Johnson has. This Hollywood star also has written some novels. Included in the collection is a story about a news show anchor who decides to come out, and in doing so, changes life’s fate. The novel is entitled, “In and Out In Hollywood.” Other novels that Johnson has written includes the “One Size Fits All” and “Third and Heaven.”

There was also a video blog that this celebrity launched in 2006 known as “Life on the Left Coast.” It featured some news, humor segments, and celebrity friends.

The Modeling World

With a fit physique, this celebrity also worked as a fitness model. This has given this fellow the opportunity to be on the covers of numerous hot-selling magazines and websites. You may see this star featured in Blue, Pink, Gloss and others.

Giving Back to Others

Ben Patrick Johnson also put up a foundation named in this celebrity’s honor in 2006. It focused on LGBC issues, education, and human rights. It joined forces with Live and Give and provided funds for a particular elementary school in Thailand. It also provides funds for “iCan for Kids” and “Habitat for Humanity.”

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