Pete Nice

If you haven’t heard about the Prime Minister Pete Nice, you would’ve probably thought that this person is actually involved and devoted solely to politics. Besides, having a name with the title of Prime Minister has a sort of nice ring to it. And, of course, the first thing that would come to mind is that this particular fellow has something to do with the telltales of the government.

But that is where you are wrong because Nice isn’t actually involved in any political office. This person is more known for countless contributions to the music and entertainment industry in Hollywood.

But how did Prime Minister Pete Nice carve a niche in the entertainment industry and was this really this person’s name?

The Love for Hip Hop

Right after finishing high school in 1985 in the Bishop Ford High School, Nice moved on to college at the Columbia University. That was when Nice happily host a radio show on hip hop. After that, Nice was – as we may say – “hooked” to this music genre.

The hosting of the show actually led to a growing interest in hip hop. Nice created a rap group. It was initially called “3 The Hard Way” before it was changed to “3rd Bass.” After the change of name, Nice used a stage name “Prime Minister Pete Nice.”

Popular Albums

The 3rd Bass had a wonderful experience in the music industry. The group actually produced and released gold-selling albums. However, the group’s existence was shortlived. It disbanded in 1992 after bagging recognition for those two gold-selling albums.

Having New Partnerships

In the following year, Nice joined DJ Richie Rich and they were able to release “Dust to Dust” in the same year.

Together with another rapper, Bobbito (who was also an author), Nice started a label that was – in every sense of the word – theirs to enjoy. The label was named Hoppoh Records and was under Columbia Records.

In 1994, they had their first album release that was entitled A Constipated Monkey. After that, the Pre Life Crisis album followed suit in 1995.

With those things that earned success for Nice, people following must’ve thought that it would continue through the years. However, it wasn’t meant to be because after those records, the label had to be folded because of creative differences.

Another Calling

Saying goodbye to the music industry had Prime Minister Pete Nice spending more time with baseball history, and decided to put up a memorabilia shop to cater to this devotion. That same devotion prompted and inspired Nice to write and publish a book entitled, “Baseball Legends of Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery.” It was published using Nice’s real name. A sports bar named McGreevy’s 3rd Base Bar was opened in 2008, and got recognized as the Best Sports Bar in Boston according to Citysearch.

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