Media drives the whole world and tells the people what is going on around them. In this sense, the Pokerface band functions just like mass media. Through its music, it tells people what is going on inside America’s corridors of power. The mission of this four-piece band is to take its audience on a musical journey designed to expose real or imagined government scandals, lies, cover-ups and conspiracies using a variety of sounds and styles that are distinctively its own.

Composed of Paul Topete, Dennis Beidler, Brett Griffiths and Rich Valentin, Pokerface band first hit the Lehigh Valley music scene in 1989 when it played in the Zodiac Club, Airport Music Hall and Pascal Club. The band released its first album, “Game of Love” in 1992, and then set out to strengthen the local music scene by organizing concerts participated in by other local artists and bands. Thus, was born the “Just Do Me” event that ran for five years featuring different rock bands that played their stuff for several days. The band followed this up with three “Rocktober” concert events that continued into the 2000s including two years of “Backyard Buzz” weekly showcase hosting and four years of “Best of the Lehigh Valley” festivals.

Because of the success of its concerts and festivals, Pokerface band set its sights to attract and capture audience attention beyond the Lehigh Valley circuit by packing four tour buses with local bands to play in concerts in New York City. At the same time, the band also released its “Sex, Lies and Politiks,” which deviated from the usual pop-love harmonies to a more rebellious and expository theme directed particularly against the workings of national politics. The band extensively toured the Mid-Atlantic region and performed at freedom-based events and protest rallies in Washington D.C.

The production of its “Made in America” and “War or Peace” albums and the acquisition of a previously owned motor home gave Pokerface band the mobility to reach out and perform to their audiences in over 20 states. It was also able to bring its advocacy closer to the public through broadcast and print media, which was made possible by its performances in hundreds of college radio stations, and the freelance writings of its lead singer, Paul Topete, for the American Free Press.

The political leanings of Pokerface band is obviously Libertarian judging from the lyrics of its songs and its presence and performances in the presidential campaign rallies of Ron Paul from South Dakota to Florida.

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