Rick Schroeder

Rick Schroeder or Richard Bartlett Schroeder is an award winning American actor. He has been awarded the American Golden Globe and has been in the movie and TV industry since 1979 and is still actively engages in show business to this day. His career spans from an early child star career, movies, and well-noted TV series. He also actively participates and supports charitable causes and institutions.

Who is Rick Schroeder?

Some people call him Ricky Schroeder especially those who are closest to him. He was born in Staten Island in New York. His parents are Richard and Diane Schroeder. He grew up with his sister Dawn Schroeder. His father was the district manager of a telephone company while his mother was a company employee.

He married Andrea Bernard, an interior designer, in September 26, 1992. They are the proud parents of Holden Richard Schroeder who was born on January 8, 1992 and Luke Schroeder born in 1993. They also had two daughters, Cambrie who was born in 1997 and Faith Anne who was born in August 8, 2001. Rick Schroeder spent his college days in Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Ricky Schroeder is a proud republican and was one those who gave their support to George W. Bush in his campaign in 2000 and 2004. He also supported John McCain during the election year of 2008. In 2000, Schroeder was given the opportunity to address his fellow republicans in the Republican National Convention, which was held in Philadelphia.

Rick Schroeder’s TV and Movie Career

You might have probably heard his name before if you were a fan of NYPD Blue and Silver Spoons. If you’re a huge follower of the hit TV series 24 then you might have also seen him in the series in 2007, where he changed back his credit to “Ricky” instead of Rick. He switched from one name to the other and back during his career.

Schroeder started out as a child star debuting in The Champ, which was a hit in 1979. His fame continued in the sitcom Silver Spoons, starring as Ricky Stratton. His acting career came to a short halt at the end of that TV series. As he grew older he worked hard at being recognized as one of the movie industry’s serious actors. He starred in a lot of movies from 1979 with one of his latest films being Get Him to the Greek in 2010 where he stars as himself.

Charity Work

Ricky Schroeder supports charities and causes for fostering orphans, children, and those with mental or physical challenges. He also supports groups fighting AIDS. Rick Schroeder also supports the Vijay Amritraj Foundation, which supports and aids victims of disease and other life tragedies in India.

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