Toby Keith

Toby Keith is a country music singer and songwriter. He was born on July 8, 1961 and has been in the music business since 1993 to the present day. Other than singing and writing songs he is also a record producer and an actor as well. He has been in the entertainment scene since 1993. In politics he endorsed several candidates of the Democratic Party though he has since registered as an independent. His charity work extends help to those in need of medical aid and in fighting hunger.

Life Outside of the Entertainment Scene

Toby was born into the family of Hubert K. Covel Jr. and his wife Carolyn Joan. He spent his childhood living with his siblings Tonni and Tracy. The family lived in Arkansas but moved to Oklahoma when Toby entered grade school. He attended high school at Highland West Junior High and then Moore High School.

Toby married Tricia Zinter on March 24, 1984. They now have three children, two daughters and a son. As of 2008 they have a granddaughter. Toby is a huge fan of sports having played defensive end in Moore High’s football team. Whenever the Oklahoma Sooners have a scheduled game or in practice you can be sure that Toby will be there.

Tragedy struck the family when Toby Keith’s father got into a car accident and was killed on March 24, 2001. A trial ensued that went on until December 2007. Their family was awarded $2.8 million on account of the father’s death. Both the Republic Western Insurance Co. and Rodriguez Transporters of Tulsa were liable for failing to equip their charter bus with working air brakes.

Musical Career

Toby’s interest for music started during his summer visits to his grandmother when he was just a little boy. During those visits, musicians came to play in the Billie Gamer’s Supper Club, which his grandmother owned. Seeing these musicians perform sparked that needed musical interest in the young boy.

When he turned 20, he and his friends formed a band they called Easy Money. They began scraping a name for themselves by playing in local bars. When the Oklahoma oil industry had a rapid decline, Toby focused on his music, and their band started playing the honky tonk circuits of Texas and Oklahoma.

Musical Career Success

Toby Keith’s award studded and chart topping career spans several years working for various record labels. Some of these labels include DreamWorks Nashville, A&M, Polydor, Mercury Records Nashville, and his very own Show Dog Universal. He has produced dozens of chart topping hits and has worked with some of the industry’s best acts.


Toby Keith considers himself as some sort of conservative democrat. He endorsed George W. Bush in the presidential election in 2004. Other democrats he endorsed include Bill Richardson and Dan Boren. He registered as an independent in October 2008 having left the Democratic Party. He also makes trips to soldiers in the field and performing live as support to the men and women in uniform as much as he can.

Charity Work

Toby Keith helped set up Ally’s House, which is an organization that aids families that deal with childhood cancer. He also supports Feeding America and the Starlight Children’s Foundation. His charity work includes aiding causes to fight cancer and AIDS.

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