Tracy Scoggins

Tracy Scoggins first grabbed the news at the age of three when the Galveston Daily News ran a story on her as the youngest American citizen ever to apply for and receive a public library card. The following years saw this spunky little girl grow into a tall, athletic lady who would excel in sports and fill her parent’s home with trophies of her victories; narrowly miss qualifying for the 1980 US Olympic diving team; teach physical education; and, host a highly recommended self-defense and work out videos. Aside from her athletic prowess, she is also a talented actress who performed challenging roles in television and the big screen.

Born as Tracy Dawn Scoggins on 13 November 1953 in Dickinson, Texas, she attended Dickinson High School where she excelled in springboard diving and gymnastics despite admonitions from many that she was too tall to excel in these sports. Her ability to find inspiration from discouraging remarks and situations proved to be the key to her success in later years. At the age of sixteen, she went to Southwest Texas State University and took up physical education, which she briefly taught after earning her college degree. Recruited by Elite Modeling Agency, she was sent off to New York and worked there for a year before going on a modeling tour to Italy, France and Germany. She returned to the United States and studied at the renowned acting schools of Wynn Hanmann and Herbert Berghof Studios preparatory to launching her acting career.

In 1979, Tracy Scoggins got her first role in “Dukes of Hazzard” where she played the role of a fake sheriff, then appeared in the made for TV movie “Twirl.” She also got a regular casting role in the TV series “Renegades” and “Hawaiian Heat” and played guest roles in the TV series “T.J. Hooker,” “Remington Steele” and “The A-Team.” In the “Dynasty” spin-off series “The Colbys” she portrayed Monica Colby, a role that she later reprised in the final season of “Dynasty” after the cancellation of “The Colbys.”

In the 1980s up to the 1990s,Tracy Scoggins landed recurring and short-term roles on a variety of TV series such as Amanda Carpenter on “Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years,” Cat Grant on “Lois and Clark: The New adventures of Superman,” Marie-Diane on “The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne,” Cassandra on “Highlander: The Series” and Anita Smithfield in two “Dallas” television movies, “Dallas: War of the Ewings” and “Dallas: JR Returns.” Of the roles she played, Tracy is better known as Captain Elizabeth Lochley, the competent but troubled commander of the space station in the “Babylon 5” TV series. In the “Destiny” episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” she played a Cardassian engineer named Gilora Rejal.

Teaming up with popular talk show host Bev Smith, Tracy Scoggins hosted the video “Rape is not an Option” which teaches effective and practical self-defense methods to prevent rape. Because of her background in physical education and athletic prowess, she produced and hosted the work out videos “Tough Stuff” and “Mind Your Body.”

Tracy Scoggins is one of countless celebrity entertainers who supported US troops stationed both in the United States and overseas. During the celebration and launching of the Enduring Freedom Tribute from Carmel to the Pentagon on 13 September 2006, she was asked to present bronze and porcelain Enduring Freedom Commemoratives.

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