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Vince Vaughn is a topnotch actor. He began an acting career in his late teens and up to now is able to attain recognition from the worldwide audience through the quality of work he is able to submit every time. Aside from being considered as one of the best actors around (he does comedy well), Vince is also busy getting involved in production as a screenwriter and producer. He is also committed to make his political views heard as a Republican. More importantly, he also actively does charity works on the side.

An Actor/Comedian/Producer/Screenwriter

Before Vince got into the entertainment business as a multi-tasking worker who does not just act but also has talents in screenwriting and producing, he was an ordinary high schooler in Illinois.

Vince was born Vincent Anthony Vaughn to a real estate agent and stock broker mom and toy salesman dad. He was the youngest of three children and the only boy in the family. His older sisters are also working in the industry: Victoria works as an executive producer while Valeri works as a director.

In 1987, Vince was introduced to musical theater, liked it, so he decided to pursue acting full-time. During the early years, he only managed to get minor TV roles. His ticket to Hollywood was a Chevrolet commercial. When he moved to Hollywood, things did not look anything better. He got few TV assignments, including “China Beach” and “CBS Schoolbreak Specials”, and a lot of rejections.

It was not until the 1990s that Vince found his footing in Hollywood films. His first assignment was in 1993’s “Rudy”, which featured Jon Favreau. This was followed up three years later, again with Jon, in “Swingers”.

Vince became busy with independent films afterwards. When he was cast by premiere director Steven Spielberg in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, that’s the only time he started going mainstream. He made a couple more of successful films including “Made”, “Return to Paradise”, “The Cell”, “Old School”, “Dodgeball”, “Into the Wild”, “Starsky and Hutch”, Wedding Crashers”, and “The Breakup”. Vince made successful appearances in different film genres from drama to romantic-comedy to comedy. Like most Hollywood A-list actors, Vince got his fair share of blockbuster hits and critically-acclaimed films that make his journey complete and more importantly, truly successful.

Throughout his career Vince garnered several recognitions, including USA Favorite On-Screen Match-Up from People’s Choice Awards for “Wedding Crashers”, Best On-Screen Team from MTV Movie Awards also for “Wedding Crashers”, Choice Chemistry from Teen People’s Choice Awards – Movie for “The Break-Up” All those awards were shared with his co-stars Owen Wilson (“Wedding Crashers”) and Jennifer Aniston (“The Break-Up”). Vince was also awarded Comedy Star of the Year from ShoWest Convention, Favorite Leading Man for the 33rd People’s Choice Awards, and Guy Movie Hall of Fame from Spike TV.

While his film career is going a successful climb to the top, Vince’s personal life had also not been too quiet. She dated Jennifer Aniston, his co-star in “The Breakup”. At that time, the “Friends” star just got out from a break-up with Brad Pitt, who got together with “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” co-star Angelina Jolie. Vince was Jen’s first love after splitting with the “Sexiest Man Alive”. Unfortunately, the coupling head off to splitsville after only a year, more or less. Vince had to scramble with three tabloids, filing libel suits against them, for insinuating that the funny man had been unfaithful to Jennifer.

After all the hooplah, Vince moved forward. He met Canadian real estate professional Kyla Weber. It was the relationship that went straight to marriage. They said “I do” in a small and solemn ceremony at the historic Armour House at Lake Forest Academy, where Vince graduated high school, on January 2, 2010. The couple is now living happily ever after with a daughter named Locklyn Kyla.

Politics and Charities

Aside from showbiz, Vince is also very vocal about his political opinions. He is also very much into supporting charities and foundations that aim to uplift people’s lives.

Vince is a self-confessed republican. In fact, he supported Ron Paul for presidency both in 2008 and 2012 elections. He also once gate crashed a Young Republican party in Washington D.C. with his “Wedding Crashers” co-star Owen Wilson.

In terms of charities, Vince is always on top of things. He is supportive of Jumpstart, Army Emergency Relief, and Declare Yourself. His causes include voter’s education, literacy, and service member support.

Vince even traveled to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait to visit the American soldiers as part of a U.S.O. tour. He is also actively participating in fund raising programs and other activities that seek to make a difference in people’s lives and affect real change.

Vince is truly one-of-a-kind. His activism is working favorably, especially to military servicemen who work hard to defend the country’s welfare.

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