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The statement at the top of this page assumes that items of mid-century used furniture are common in all mainstream styles, including the classic modern. Categories of Vintage Furniture A lot of furniture listed here is not related to the vintage movement, and refers to a separate little universe that’s dominated by the mid-century modern style.  The mid-century modern movement didn’t get underway until the 1980s and 1990s, though many vintage movements around this period can be traced back to mid-century furniture. The almost total lack of that togetherness in vintage furniture can be frustrating, especially when your friends are screaming at you that you can’t be serious about vintage furniture!  The term retro does not indicate any negative associations for mid-century modern design, except that popular hit for American home economics called “crap”. If you are looking for something specific, let others play the blame game.  They’ll assume you are stuck in the 1960s and would be happy to make that whole decade pop back into your life. ‘Til Another Generation Comes Along A lot of mid-century modern style furniture can be unique.  Furniture made from little bits of metal, wood, or metal glass can be quite special and new.  Furniture this pretty should go on the wall, not in a desk drawer. Crammed into a narrow have-not drawer is a box of Lucite that’s decorated with colorful or geometric wallpaper.  You’ve been asking for a piece of Lucite for a long time… To get some ideas on what you can find, consult the Zazzle Rack Collection, a library of the most interesting and interesting mid-century modern pieces of furniture that regularly vie for our attention.  Don’t just take our word on that, though.  Listen to what guests have to say. “That’s amazing~ I don’t know where I would have gotten hold of that thing! That was amazing.  I think I can get two of them to put in my house now. I’d have liked to get a little bit of that Lucite and some glass and a little piece of metal (sweet wood!), but I was told they were antiquated and they couldn’t be kiln kilned.  I was having an exciting time finding it! I think I might have to order them sooner than I thought. I’m beyond out of Lucite, but I have been looking forward to that piece. The 4×6 frame, with flecks of metal, is too perfectly crafted to be real Lucite!” “That was amazing.  You all are the best. I don’t know where I could get some Lucite. I may have to get in touch with your daughter.” “I saw the display on display and was so excited to see all the kitchen and dining room pieces. I think I am going to order more. ~The next few days are going to be a whirlwind of ordering. But I want to thank you all quite thoroughly for the gift.  I have come to want this furniture and home decor a great deal and have come to rely on it as I travel Europe for my job. I am eagerly awaiting seeing which pieces, in what fixtures I will purchase, and which pieces from the kits I am getting here in the States.  I am so happy to know you and the brand and look forward to coming to your workshop in London. You are all very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Your craftsmanship is astonishing and I feel so inspired as I work with each one of you. All the good things have come to me from you. I have never felt so loved. Thank you for all of your help and support.” ~ Mary, U.K., “A Lady’s Travel Blog” Tove Anderson is the reason I exist today. I swear she was born in a tree with a pickup truck full of snow. I’ve always loved re-creation and I also strive to give the things I create back to the precious things that served me in my childhood. Look at those beauty shots! It just shows the breadth of her talent! This information has been cited by publications worldwide who cover her when it comes to vintage furniture: San Francisco Chronicle, Smithsonian magazine, Interiors magazine, Trendhunter, and Altus Travel. Geeks like Tove! The job of the magazine editor is to turn a blog site like this into a reputable one with a real article and I know how hard I’ve tried in media coverage and editors like myself work hard all day to make sure users think a piece of this furniture is worth paying for.

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