Our Mission

Awareness is the key.

Is to create awareness to famous people out there in the world who can act as an example to other and can lead or be placed and leader figures from the fame they have accumulated from their special skills. A call out to all is emanate for the bigger humanity body.

Extraordinary Experiences

The conversation on Twitter about Obama’s appearance on Extraordinary, Extraordinary Lives starts to sound like a political discussion, but they were about the format, not the content. “Tradition is funny but especially that one. We just have the whole Disney Television agenda on our minds,” tweeted Eliza Stevens, who writes about television for Extra, Extra, Extra. After she watched the show, she said she “might have to check in with my parents,” who have been the cast members on an ABC sitcom, but that the Obama episode did give her pause: “I’m happy Disney has checked in with my parents about how they like things, but frankly, they’re going to be fine,” she tweeted.

Our Core Values

Both Hollywood and politics are at a crossroads and they are gravitating towards each other. This is where our conversation is supposed to start.

The Disney Channel, Hollywood and politics all share a common vocabulary, and both need to be understood in context. Today, Obama’s Hollywood visit is taking on national significance because of a peculiar political moment.