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The Truth About Christians

There is a constant battle for the minds of Christians as to what films ‘Christian’ should produce, and which ones should be rejected. At the top of the list is the exposure of many “Christian” directors, production teams, and even individual Christians, to the ongoing and ever-increasing battle for the soul of the Church, bearing the fruits of lust. It’s a case of the ‘Christian’ film industry spending millions on getting high-minded, regarding Jesus’ love for humanity, and yet not budging an inch from the preached slavery. Those high-minded films and the wonderful photos and commentaries produced by the ‘Christian’ film industry are the plays of the dark forces. They manipulate the minds of Christians, more than any other force, because, in that way, they can accomplish what their agenda to destroy the Church is based on.[2] The ‘Christian’ film industry is often accused of being elitist, and condescending to the point of creating an unrealistic world of pure and unadulterated heaven. But, is the truth so? Or is it simply a call to arms, as they say in fairy tales? This quote, from Corrie Ten Boom, in her book, the Great Scrubbings, vividly describes the position of the average Christian, sitting in a pew in the middle of a church, amid the stench and filth: “Yet I want to live a little dirtied life, that I may look upon the strangers in the street, and say, ` CONTINENT!’ Like a cat glad to see the morning, so I hope to see many others that the afternoon; I hope they may call me friend; so I shall gladly be known by them.” So, what does this quote about the life of the average Christian reflect? It reflects his or her feelings of discomfort amid the filth. It’s a desperate desire to be viewed as an outcast because they feel unworthy. It’s a desperate desire to be fed, admired, and valued because they are afraid of being alone, or of God not considering them. It’s a desperate desire to be valued, buoyed up, and encouraged, that they allow such things as filthy lucre, dirt, and darkness into their lives–these are the tools of the darkness. And it is the tools to the darkness that we must be aware of and confront to protect ourselves–that darkness doesn’t just hurt us physically, it hurts us emotionally and spiritually. It reveals a truth within us all that must be faced and forgiven. It is the fate of many Christians to experience the darkness that currently is the revealed number in the battle between the light and the darkness; between the power and the weakness; between pride and humility. Darkness will never be defeated. But, what’s an average Christian to do? What must I do to be effective in the battle against the darkness, to be an overcomer? First, recognize that there are two forces in darkness: the good and the bad. These forces are often structured as opposing increase and diminish or increase and decrease. Victory over one of these forces is like defeating two or more enemies. Good and bad are the things of our enemy, and the battles of life are won and lost according to strives. Our battle is won on our knees, as we battle the darkness in our spirits. It is during our spiritual struggles that our enemy of darkness most commonly attacks us. Satan will do anything to make us doubt the presence of God in our lives. He will bring circumstances and situations that will make us not want to defend ourselves. He can do this because we have allowed the darkness into our hearts through no fault of our own. Because demons have a stronghold in our lives, they can deceive us and create circumstances that will bring forth a state of defeat. Satan wants us to think that regardless of how good we are, we don’t see the fruition of God’s divine plan in our lives. He wants us to believe that the “good times” in our lives are deceiving us and that we just aren’t experiencing the blessings of our God all the time. He wants us to believe that God may allow certain things to happen to us but everything is fickle. He is a great deceiver and we get easily convinced. He brings circumstances in our life to make us think that maybe it was not God’s will for us to be struggling. He brings circumstances into our lives to show us that maybe it is time to argue the point of causing us to stop fighting–or to finally come to the realization that, that running from the darkness is not running from it. due to our great lack of faith.

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